When the owner of Dynamic Adaptive Solutions decided it was time to
start a business of his own, he knew it would be some sort of repair
shop, he just didn’t know exactly what it would be. With well over
twenty years of experience in electro-mechanical roles there were
many directions he could take. With experience as a bodyman/painter,
a gearhead mentality with several frame off vehicle restorations as a
hobby, time spent in the medical device field in production setting up
assembly lines and taking care of the equipment, field service for xray
equipment both medical and industrial and even time spent doing
maintenance and repairs on trains it took a while to zero in on what to
do. Then he remembered a shop he used to deal with on occasion way
back when he first started his working life.

There was an interior shop that used to do work for the first bodyshop
he worked for. This interior shop once did a modification to a seat for
someones mobility challenges, the customer like it and word spread.
Before they knew it mobility became the main business and interior
work was secondary. Remembering this shop was the beginnings of
Dynamic Adaptive Solutions.  What better way to make use of all the
automotive and medical equipment experience as well as the electrical
degree for some of the high tech driving devices, all while providing a
service that will improve someones quality of life.

It’s nice to provide something people truly need. We will do our best to
take care of you in a personal way as no one person is the same and no
mobility solution is one size fits all. We will do our best to follow the
guidelines learned in the medical device industry using strict
documentation and accountability to guarantee quality and repeatable
results all while trying to maintain a fun and relaxing atmosphere. If
there is anything we can do better, let us know. If there is anything we
are doing wrong, let us know. If we’re doing something right, let us
know. And, if you’re ever down in Florida and need some assistance be
sure to look up our good friends at 
Buddy’s Holiday Mobility.
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